Hello world!

Well, what is there to say, my name is Andrew, I am in my thirties, I have a strong interest in Photography, so thought it would be a nice thing to display some of my work online.

Feel free to stay a while and look around, maybe keep an eye out and I will be updating this almost weekly, you might see something you like.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Andrew, I was interested in purchasing a print. Is that something you do?

    • Hi Katie,

      Whilst this is not something I officially do at the moment (I am looking into it for the future), I could quite happily arrange to get one done for you, which print were you interested in, and what size, framed/unframed, aluminium/perspex options are available.

      Let me know and I will sort out a price for you.

      Many Thanks for your enquiry.


  2. I am interested in both of the Orford Castle photos. I was hoping for a 20″x30″ prints or 50.8 cm X 76.2 cm. I don’t need them framed as it might be a tad costly to ship all the way to Texas 🙂 When my husband was young he used to visit Orford daily and pretend he was shooting the cannon. I was hoping to give them to him as a Christmas gift. Please feel free to email me. I don’t know if you can see it… if not let me know and I can post it.

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